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About library

Jiří Mahen library in Brno, a contributory organization, is the biggest public municipal library in Moravia and the second largest in the Czech Republic. Since the year 1921 it has been governed by the statutory city of Brno. It offers an extensive choice of fiction and non-fiction literature, newspapers and magazines, AV mediums and music, an access to the Internet and electronical databases, services for blind and weak-eyed readers. It provides information about literature, regional authors, fact and legal documentation, information about Brno and its region, information from the state and self administration, interlibrary loan service. It organizes cultural programs for schools and general public. The library fund consists of 800 thousand book units. Our collection grows by 25 – 30 thousands of bookunits each year. Jiří Mahen Library subscribes 270 titles of periodical publications in more than 900 copies. During one year about 40.000 readers register in Jiří Mahen Library. They execute more than 800.000 reader´s visits and 1.6 milion loans. Jiří Mahen Library works with the system of central library with 33 branches which are located on the territory of the city. The Mahen memorial in the Masaryk district is a part of Jiří Mahen Library, where an exhibition about life and work of the writer, playwright and the first librarian of the city of Brno - Jiří Mahen – takes place. The workplace specializes in the regional literature and bibliography. On the groundfloor of the villa there is a library. The Europe Direct information centre equipped with a rich collection and electronical information sources operates in Jiří Mahen Library.

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